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Philip Bousfield, Advanced Financial Planning Ltd

Philip Bousfield, Advanced Financial Planning Ltd

Do you avoid dealing with staff who constantly underperform? Are you looking for a way to motivate your staff or do you skirt around the problems that these poor achievers cause?

Poor performers damage you company’s profitability and affect the morale of your hard working employees.

Mark David HR can show you how to motivate poor performers or how to legally discipline or dismiss those who cannot or will not perform to the standard you require. Sometimes it’s in everybody’s interests to make a clean break

All businesses including yours have one thing in common…employees.


These people form a valuable resource for your business and how they are managed, motivated and developed is crucial to the wellbeing and success of your business.


We can assist you with:

  • Managing employees effectively
  • Motivation and employee expectations
  • Improving performance
  • Setting company culture
  • Communications systems
  • Managing change
  • Managing difficult people


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